Let Me Help You Grow Your
Business the right way.

No start-up, freelancer or aspiring entrepreneur need to be told
that clients are the blood of any business.
The question is how does one get them.
This is where I can really help.

Connect With Me

Are you a new business start-up? Do you need clients fast? Then you're in the right place.
Believe it or not, I have actually hand-coded this website from ground up especially for you.

The idea came about in 2014 while I was in Brazil.

Since 2016, I have been trying very hard to put this together so that I can meet you. I've been doing it in the middle of many other activities.

Things often got in the way - work, family, health, or plain procrastination - but it is finally out in the light.

What I Do

I started my business back in 2004. 16 years in the service industry as a work-at-home dad added much to my business experience.

Whilst I love the service I provide, I discovered that I enjoy client acquisition even more.

If you would allow me to journey with you, I would like to add wings to your efforts in the following roles:


I advise and help start-ups set and reach both immediate and long-term client acquisition goals without them pulling out their hairs.


I teach start-ups how to run a business with outreach and marketing templates and scripts (usually unknown to them),
to test and perfect them in such a way that will smoothen the client acquisition process.


I help start-ups create truly effective outreach tools that they can reliably leverage on to get to their clients a lot faster.


Hi, I am Will (this is of course my pseudo). I'm an unassuming, simple native Asian man.

At home, I am a husband and father of a sweet 15 year old girl.

In my profession, I am an entrepreneur, a translator, a language teacher and a business consultant.

Various circumstances led me to start a business from scratch. Armed with a vision, I registered it by faith, with neither capital nor marketing budget.

Since then it was hours and hours of work trying to get it up and running. I had to do it fast…

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals the Right Way.