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I figured out that in order to run a business without becoming a slave to it, I must think of ways to reduce the processes, to save time.
So, one of the things that I was (still am) constantly on the lookout are intelligent methods and tools to execute whatever strategies I had.
Ordinary tools won't cut it. They've got to shave significant hours and bring in more revenue than I could humanly achieve.
Thanks to modern technologies, they exist.

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Bots for Start-ups

Generic tools can be as efficient and helpful as they're trained to be. A well-programmed tool is like a bot. They are like the good old R2-D2 (or Artoo), the very reliable and versatile astro-mechanic droid in the Star Wars movie. Good tools add wings to your efforts, make your business a lot more profitable and make life a lot easier.
Read on to find out who’re on my fleet.

A Powerful Website

Think of a website as an online storefront, you can't do without it. However, there are so much more that you can do to make this 24-7 store a lot more powerful than everyone else's with a few tweaks. Among them are:
1) it has to load within 3 seconds
2) it has to be mobile-friendly
3) the codes have to be error-free
4) it must be easily found, etc.
For detailed information on how to build one without breaking the bank, go to tools.

A Fast Webhost

Let's say you already have a website but why isn't it bringing you all the clients you need? That's what I used to ask myself too, that is, until I found out that I needed a real fast and stable host too.
Stability means your site will be available 99% if not 100% of the time. Speed means whenever someone visits your site, they won't find a laggy site and abandon it after five seconds.
If speed is what you need, you want to click on this R2.

An Efficient System

Every business requires a system running behind the scene. It is good to develop a system that organizes tasks, sets protocols, eliminates redundancy and reduces undue repetition. There is a way to do this correctly the first time - by trying to think ahead.

Ready-To-Go Templates

Templates do wonders. Templates should make work easier so the start-up can focus on what really matters. They work for marketing, administration, planning, correspondences, invoices, contracts, marketing, etc. The secret is in the process of developing them.

Client Acquisition Agents

To compensate for my initial weakness in face-to-face sales, I deploy a fleet of sales bots. These bots act like agents to bring targeted clients to me. I train them to qualify, present, answer questions, convince before sending the clients to me. By the time I'm on the phone, all I do is close the deal. Would you like to have agents like mine?

Other Bots

I am always developing or on the lookout for better bots - I have bought many, discarded many and kept the best in my fleet. In my future blog, I will share the latest I have found and which you may find interesting. Keep an eye on my blog if you want to know more? Better still, click on R2 to join my list and get updated of the latest and the best.

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