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Entrepreneurship is a life-long learning journey.
I'm sure over time you'll develop skills, materials, etc that are unique to your business.
In the meantime, you may want to save some time by learning from others.
If coaching sounds expensive to you now, how about gleaning from their books?

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Self-Development For Start-ups

If I have a chance to let you into my library, you'll definitely find one whole section of books dedicated to Business Development, Marketing, etc.
I find books very helpful - especially those that are well-written and at the same time executable.
I read and tried out many things in the course of two decades, discarded many fluffs and impractical ideas and techniques before consolidating the truly effective ones.

Courses for Start-ups

As I was trying to build my clientele, I wished there were someone I could go to for advice so that I didn't have to hit every roadblock there were in my path.
And even though I found many valuable information from books, the mining process a long one. It was.

Ultimately, I managed to acquire skills and develop tools that were unique to the service-based, bootstrap budget business I was running as a start-up.
Rather than trying to remember everything I've collected. I condensed and documented them.

You'll find below courses that I've created over time. Documents containing techniques for business running. I could have written a lot more but perhaps next time.
No, these weren't produced for the sake of publishing, they were essentially tools I needed to make my life easier and to become more effcient at what I was doing.

They can be yours for a very insignificant sum each - considering the time spent in creating them. Priced at the price of a decent dinner ($100 each), a tiny investment for any business, these low-cost PDF courses are fantastic investments for your business and personal development.

The Translator's Little Handbook

Have you decided to be a freelance translator? Bravo! Translators are already a rare breed. And freelancers who survive through the startup years are even rarer! Being a startup sounds cool but if you're starting up alone, the learning curve is steep. I know it for a fact, because I've been there. This is why I've written this little handbook for you. Use it as a compass for your freelance journey, use it as a template, it can even inspire you if you allow it to.

Turning Trash Into Gold

Inspired by environmentalists, I started selling recycled, refurbished, repurposed items online a few years back. Selling stuff online really wasn't anything new to me. However, it was different this time around as I was quite driven to make things happpen. So in the process i discovered hacks, tips and tricks to sell stuff online faster (Earth really doesn't have much time for dilly-dallying). To date, I've sold about 300 used really random items in a span of 3 years or so. It turns out that there were just a few simple principles behind doing well selling used stuff. I've distilled them into a 60-page easy-to-read material. Even though i've used a local platform as an example, the principles can be applied to any online Classifieds platform. If you're interested, check it out here.

Shortcut to Good Spanish

Read, write and speak Spanish in two months or less - a real short-cut. This no-fluff course was created as class lessons initially but due to the way it was written, it can be used as home-study materials. The 150 page PDF course book comes with the lessons, the practice, tips, mini dictionary all in one.

Shortcut to Good Portuguese

Read, write and speak Portuguese in two months or less. This is another no-fluff course was created as class lessons initially but due to the way it was written, it can be used as home study materials. The 120 page PDF course book comes with the lessons, the practice and tips all in one.

Gems For Reflection

Not exactly a course. Rather this 100 page PDF book contains years of reflections collected and written to inspire start-ups and businesses. Within it are gems of insights from history and real life incidents that you won't read in the usual business management books.

Network Building

Building a network that can effectively bring in business requires skill and dedication.
This is a more beginner's course on media marketing for the new start-up. Having social media accounts does not equate to knowing how to generate business with it. It involves a well devised go-to-market strategy and it is what this course is all about.

Time Management

Running a business is not easy, running it from home requires even more discipline. I know, because I have done this since 2004. Inside this fantastic course, you will learn techniques, strategies, methods and ideas for getting things done faster and more efficiently; these strategies are not only practical, but also immediately useful.

Want more hacks?

I always believed there were easier ways to do things. I spent a lot of time looking for ninja methods, hacks, secrets etc for every single process I needed to do.

I will add more relevant resources each week. Till I write again, enjoy the start-up journey.
Do bookmark this page and come back for more updates. Cheers and stay safe!

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