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I know, time is critical for the business start-up.
The faster people know about your business, the higher the chance of getting orders in.
The sooner you can get your orders, the more likely you'll hit your revenue targets.
ll get you set up so that words of your service gets out sooner.

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Want A Faster, Smoother Ride To More Clients?

Then stop wasting time reading all sorts of ideas online. Pick up one of the following “time capsules” instead. Each of them is just 3 to 5 pages long and will not take more than 10 minutes to read. The powerful concepts contained in them have been designed to be concise as well as to be easily understood so that you can quickly take action to bring your business to the next level. They are currently priced at only $25.00 each.

Disclaimer: Results contained in the reports are guaranteed but may not be immediate.

Your Sales Force!

The more time you spend on doing sales, the lesser time you have for delivering your product / service.
Unless you are a marketing company or you can afford a marketing department, you need someone to bring in the inquiries.
What if you can deploy a sale force of six right from the beginning?

The Six Agents

Most businesses never see them as agents, much less attempt to deploy them to their advantage. But you can.
This report will reveal to you who they really are and how you can let them help you increase your clients. They are all potentially great presenters and negotiators ready to be deployed.
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Deploying Agent 6

Client acquisition can be tough and costly but help is within reach.
Client Acquisition Agent No. 6 is the quiet communicator. The tendency to misuse him is prevalent. but it need not be so. There are strengths in Agent No. 6 that you must know. Once you know it, he will do your bidding.

Deploying Agent 5

Agent No. 5 is the maven of the pack. She has this loud personality. She will not wait to be invited.
Successful brands have relied on her to create tipping points in their businesses. For start-ups, she is an indispensable agent.

Deploying Agent 4

I can guarantee you no one ever thought of Agent No. 4 as a possible candidate for client acquisition and retention.
That is why it can be your secret agent. It will remain a secret as long as you keep its mission a secret.

Deploying Agent 3

Agent No. 3 is a public figure and has the potential to be that charming personality who can win your clients over for you.
Correct deployment will mean a lot to your business.

Deploying Agent 2

Due to Agent No. 2's popularity, this particular agent is usually taken for granted. She is so obliging nobody takes her seriously but she can be a powerhouse for the start-up.
In this report, you will learn the right, unconventional way to leverage on her potential.

Deploying Agent 1

Finally, Agent No. 1. This is an ever-ready, dynamic and potentially most hardworking agent amongst all his peers.
In this report, you will learn about the various options you have and how to deploy it and grow his value in the long run.


The toolbox is essentially a pack of six actionable scripts and templates that you can use or modify to overwhelm the client so much so that they cannot wait to give you their business, insist on paying you right away and send you more business.
Do not be deceived by it's simplicity. It is in fact a condensation of years of reflection, trials and errors.


This is a biggie. Though not our ultimate to date. But once you win him over and he understands what you want. He will personally make your business his life mission.
No, no one regards him this way which is precisely why he seldom give his best but with the tricks you are going to learn in this report, that will not happen to you.


My Story

Hi, I am Will (this is of course my pseudo).
I'm an unassuming, simple native Asian man.
At home, I am a husband and father of a sweet 15 year old girl.
In my profession, I am an entrepreneur, a translator, a language teacher and a business consultant.
Various circumstances led me to start a business from scratch.
Armed with a vision, I registered it by faith, with neither capital nor marketing budget.
Since then it was hours and hours of work trying to get it up and running.
I had to do it fast…

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals the Right Way.